BMP video & film is the place where you write your own story.

When we are looking for a professional cinematographer, first impression counts.
Next is the team, who will capture our day. But, what is really important to us, is the “TWO OF YOU”.

You have to consider and make decisions from different angle and aspects on the best and possibly most challenging day of your life. This decision has thousands of moments.
In this, we can help you with our experience, dedication and passion for film.

We capture moments.
Moments that all of you will remember; and we can guarantee, you will proudly say: “THIS IS US!”

We capture every single moment which are important to you, which are UNFORGETTABLE.
We will give you back the memories, that you were part of it.

For us every single moment is an opportunity, because something good, something important can happen which is not reproducible.

Our team members are married, and we can assure you that our work will reflect what we would like to see and what we would like to receive if we would be in your shoes. We have a unique vision, but we are flexible and open for suggestions.